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Bates Motel Plot Summary

Norman Bates is sent to the state lunatic asylum after being found guilty of various murders - including killing his mother. Once in the institution, Norman rooms with a young boy named Alex West and they start a friendship that lasts nearly twenty years. After Norman dies of old age - and it's interesting to note - seemingly rehabilitated - Alex is the inheritor of the Bates Motel and house according to the will. The motel and house have remained vacant since the time of Norman's incarceration. Alex heads to Fairvale, California with some help from Willie, a teenage runaway, and they decide to re-open the Motel together. However, strange things start to happen that could unravel the plans and leaves plenty of questions open --- is it the ghost of Mrs. Bates sitting up in that window?



*Did you know? - Bates Motel was a television pilot that aired on NBC in 1987 on the July 4th weekend. It was so low rated that both Universal and NBC shelved the idea of turning the production into a TV series. The alterations to the motel seen when Alex and Willie reopen the motel - including the facade of the cafe and that old Spanish-style wall around the property remained on the Universal Tour until 1993.


Bates Motel
Television Air Date: July 5th, 1987
Budget: Unknown
NBC Network Television Pilot
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