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Psycho III Plot Summary

Anthony Perkins stars in and directs the most shocking Psycho film of all: Psycho III. After spending 22 years in a lunatic asylum, Norman Bates returns home to his house on the hill and the motel where all the nasty deeds once took place. When a pretty young woman (Diana Scarwid) runs to the motel - and Norman's open arms - to escape a scandalous secret, he finally gets a chance at a new life. But he has one murderous skeleton in his closet that will do anything not to share him. Norman also hires a guitar playing drifter (Jeff Fahey) to work at the now-busy motel while trying to keep a nosy reporter (Roberta Maxwell) away from finding out about Mother. It's a new day at the Bates Motel, but the nightmares are just beginning.



*Did you know? - Anthony Perkins would instruct the cast and crew of the film to wave to the Universal Studios Tram Tour guests saying "each one of those people is a butt in the seat."


Psycho III
Release: July 2nd, 1986
Budget: $6 Million Dollars
Box Office Gross: $14.4 Million Dollars
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